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01.12.2006 Launch of the final Report of the Study of NGOs working in the field of prevention and fighting of drug abuse and drug trafficking in the Republic of Moldova

The current report represents the results of a study conducted among non-governmental organizations working in the field of drug abuse and drug trafficking prevention and fighting in the Republic of Moldova. The study included the NGOs working both at the national and at the local level. The main objective of this study was to create a database on the abovementioned NGOs, including the updated information on the following categories: name of organization, contact information, scope of work, target groups, human resources, sources of funding, implemented projects/programs/activities and results, alliances/associations affiliation, informational needs, future plans, etc. The fulfilled study has reached its main objective by creating a database on the NGOs working in the field of the NDO’s interest. Empirically the methods used in participants’ selection allowed identifying the vast majority of active and temporarily inactive NGOs working in the study interest field, although reliable methods to verify this hypothesis currently do not exist. There is a possibility that some NGOs have not been covered by the study, particularly of those registered at the local level.



This site was elaborated with the support of the programme of assistance for the prevention of drug abuse and drug trafficking in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova (BUMAD Programme), funded by European Union and co-funded and implemented by UNDP Moldova.

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